Flavoring Kombucha

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By Marie Lorraine Johnson MS, RDN, LD, CPT Flavoring Your Kombucha Now that you have made your first batch of kombucha, it’s time to personalize the flavors. For the most part, fruit juice, fruit puree, and/or fresh fruit are the main flavorings for kombucha. It’s a simple ratio of 1-2 ounces of juice or puree to 14-15 oz of raw …

3 hotdogs with ketchup and cheese

The Nitrate Controversy

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Aimee Kalczuk, Cox College Masters student and guest blogger, contributes this great explanation to help us understand the nitrate controversy. Thank you, Aimee! —DonnaNitrites. The Hot Topic among Hot Dogs (and More)!Have you ever browsed the bacon or the hot dog section of the grocery store and been overwhelmed by the dizzying amount of the same type of meat? Commercially …