Corporate Wellness Programs

What Is Corporate Wellness?

Did you know that there is a simple and effective way to reduce your annual healthcare costs?

What if healthcare costs and employee premiums could be reduced, employee absences were at an all-time low, and employee productivity increased? This is the goal of our Corporate Wellness Programs.

And there is no cost to you or your employees.

Bright Sky Nutrition works seamlessly with the wellness plan you currently offer your employees. We offer on-site or virtual nutrition classes, webinars, and cooking demonstrations, which we can schedule to align with your HRAs or health fairs. From there, we can schedule your employees for their Annual Nutrition Check-ups. The best part is it doesn’t add to your already full plate!

We’re ready to meet with you and create a nutrition program tailor-made to fit your current Wellness program. Contact us today to see what that can look like for your company!!

Nationwide Virtual Appointments

We offer virtual visits, online classes, and accept insurance no matter where you are!

We serve businesses and educational institutions!
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On-Site Presentations at Your Business

Bright Sky Nutrition’s classes are led by experts who can help your team immediately start their journey to health and wellness. Even better, we can come to you or host these virtually! Either way, we want to make it convenient for employees to attend and create an atmosphere of support—colleagues encouraging colleagues.

Our Corporate Wellness Programs

Foundations Class

Think of this as Nutrition 101. This four-week, on-site journey consists of one-hour classes that are critical to maintaining long-term success.

We lay the building blocks for everyone to support their own nutrition through healthy meal preparation and planning! We’ll break down the basics and learn why certain foods affect you the way they do. We also discuss how to lose weight permanently without repeated diet plans.

We will discuss the science behind how the body is supposed to work, and how our food choices either support or weaken our health. Your team will walk away with simple tweaks to immediately work into meal plans. And don’t worry — we’ll make the science-y stuff easy to understand!


Identify and eliminate processed, pro-inflammatory foods.


Identify and eliminate processed, pro-inflammatory foods.


Recognize why certain foods drive us away from a healthy metabolism.

Lab Values

Understand your lab values, what they say about your metabolism, and how food plays a part.

Lunch & Learns, Cooking Classes

Make your next office lunch unforgettable by bringing in the Bright Sky Nutrition team! This is a one-hour, engaging and interactive session, focusing on how everyone can plan meals as a foundation for proper nutrition and overall health.

Choose from a variety of topics, including:

  • Interactive Cooking Class
  • Sugar: Not So Sweet
  • Understanding Your Numbers
  • Whole Foods Eating
    And more!

Hybrid Bootcamps

We have expanded our individual 10-week boot camp program to include the group support of your work team. Each employee will have a personal dietitian, who they will visit three times over the course of the program. Between those visits, the group will gather for an educational meeting to share ideas, care for each other, and collaborate, each person will still have daily accountability with his/her dietitian and the support of ongoing modules sent to their emails.



Ongoing Online Coaching

After Foundation, ongoing individual coaching is a great way to provide accountability on a weekly basis. We provide ongoing coaching, education, support, and encouragement to employees as they make the journey toward better health and nutrition. These groups are set in 12-week time frames and are provided at the low cost of $20 per person each month.

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