Fast Protein Ideas!

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Too busy to cook food? Not able to store your meals at work?

Here are some great, dietitian-approved protein selections to either take it on-go or keep in your desk, car, duffle-bag/purse to provide your body with fuel to keep you full and energized.

First let’s talk about why protein is important for us to eat. 

Proteins from foods are broken down in the gut into building blocks, called amino acids, which are then rebuilt into new proteins for many important roles in the body. The roles include: hormones and enzyme activity, structural roles in muscles and cells, regulation of acid-base balance and fluid balance, transporters, neurotransmitters, immunoprotectors, etc. (Gropper et al,. 2016). Overall, proteins have many vital roles – growth, maintenance, and protection – that make life possible. 

Most importantly, protein is a source of energy that is stored in the muscles for later use. It also increases the release of satiety hormones that keep you full longer. Adding protein in meals or even with your snacks is an absolute win when you have a busy schedule and need a quick bite to eat. Fuel your health while following Bright Sky’s Nutrition Boot Camp guidelines! 

Click on the links to find affordable, easy to pack, power packed protein for your enjoyment! 

Almonds / Peanuts

Pair with your favorite fresh fruit, dates, or even dark chocolate if you are craving something sweet. 

7g per 1 oz ($5.98 10oz container) 

  7g of protein per pack ($6.90 10-pack)

Justin Nut butters: Pair this with an apple, banana, crackers or pretzels. Some even like it with celery.  

Starkist Selects Tuna packets in EVOO

Top this on a salad packet, crackers, or veggies. 

14g of protein per pack ($1.78)

Chicken of the Sea Pink Salmon

Just like the tuna; top this on a salad packet, crackers, or veggies. 

15g of protein per pack ($1.47)

Epic Jerky Strips

Pair with cheese or crackers. Also available as single favors in packs.

6-7g protein per strip (13.99 for 6 pack; $2.33 per strip)  

If you have a refrigerator available: 

Boiled eggs

Pair these with toast and/or veggies! For fresher boiled eggs, boil fresh eggs ($2.48 per carton) the night before. 

6-7g protein per egg ($0.98) 

Cheese sticks

Pair these with crackers or grapes.

7g protein per stick ($3.68 12-pack)

Fage 5% yogurt 

Add a bit of honey/ stevia and top with some fruit or nuts. Also available in single servings

15g protein for ¾ cup ($5.56 32 oz container) 

Fairlife 30g milk 

If there is absolutely no time to eat, drink this (however, this should not replace meals). Other flavors include: Vanilla, Strawberry Banana, and Coffee

30g protein per bottle ($6.98 4-pack) 


Gropper, S.S. & Smith, J.L. (2018). Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism.

(7th ed.). Belmont, CA: Cengage Learning.

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