Chicken Vegetable Soup

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Are you cutting back on sugars, cutting out processed flour, or looking for recipes with a ton of veggies? Then look no further; this recipe is for you.

Yesterday was the first day of fall in the Ozarks. It was the perfect fall day with rain in the morning and a high of 70 degrees. There’s no better meal than a hearty bowl of soup on such a perfect day. Chicken Vegetable Soup is full of shredded chicken and vegetables in a savory chicken bone broth. It’s easy to make and a healthy dinner option the whole family will love.

I used Danielle Walker’s “Healing Chicken Soup” as my recipe guide. I had to change a few things, but that’s the best thing about this soup. It’s a “use-what-you-have” recipe. I added celery, leeks, carrots, and onions to my version. Corn, zucchini, green beans, tomatoes, and potatoes would also be delicious in this soup, and make it even more hearty.

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