At Bright Sky Nutrition, we are well-versed in the mitochondrial damage that occurs through excessive stress. We have provided nutritional therapy to a countless individuals. We have heard your stories.

This is why we have developed the Restoration Program. We want to provide you with intensive nutritional therapy, with the goal of mitochondrial repair and restoration. We want to keep it simple, but extremely effective. Here is what you can expect:

21 Days: For 21 days, you will follow a focused nutrition plan.
This plan includes only foods that contain all of the nutrients required to heal your mitochondria (fuel center) that are so easily damaged by internal and external stressors.

3 Medical Nutrition Therapy Visits:
You will be scheduled for 3 individual nutrition therapy sessions, on Day, Day 10 and Day 22.
These Medical Nutrition Therapy appointments are covered under your Anthem BCBS insurance at no out-of-pocket cost to you, UNLESS YOU HAVE ANTHEM ALLIANCE (EPO, Exclusive Provider Organization). Unfortunately, this plan requires that you see providers in an exclusive network. The discounted cost in this case would be $220.

Recommended Supplements:
There are several important supplements required for healing that may or may not be supplied in the nutrition plan.

We individualize our recommendations for supplements. You will work with your dietitians to determine which supplements are best for you.

Most supplements that we recommend are available in our office. We pass along the wholesale prices, so that you can have the best products at the best price, without paying shipping costs.

Meal plan with Recipes:
We have developed a 21-day meal plan with recipes and grocery list so that you do not have to think up all of the meals yourself or find recipes. The meals are suggestions, and not required.