Meet Rachel


I am a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator. I grew up in Joplin, Missouri, and completed my bachelor's in dietetics at Missouri State University.

I worked in dialysis for over four years and grew to love my patients and caring for those with chronic diseases. Unfortunately, most of my patients were on dialysis from the chronic damage of high blood pressure and/or diabetes. I always wondered, What if I could have worked with them to prevent them from developing these conditions that would eventually cause kidney failure?

This led me to pursue diabetes education. But I saw the same issues: people were getting sicker, not better, and more medications were being added. Then I joined a group that provided disease management. During this time, I spent two days every week in a clinic where patients were reversing chronic disease—getting off meds, feeling great, and losing weight—and all with just food!

I use the methods I learned with all my patients, and I see incredible results. I can't wait to get started with you!

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