Meet Brittany

After years of working in the traditional healthcare model, I found that mainstream nutritional interventions were failing so many clients. They were following through with what they were told. “Eat less and move more.” “Eat less fat.” “Limit your sodium.” Sound familiar? Yet they were seeing no results. I began to dig for answers which led me to seek a degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine.

Functional Medicine aims to treat the individual as a whole vs treating every client the same based on a single health concern. Our bodies are unique and complex. It’s time practitioners begin treating them as such.

My passion and expertise is in treating clients with gastrointestinal and hormonal imbalances. Essentially, I’m the “poop and periods” dietitian!

Many clients come to me after years of traditional health care with no answers to their continued symptoms that seem to disrupt their life. I utilize advanced functional medicine testing to determine the root cause of these symptoms. These results reveal a clear direction for symptom management and improvement. From there, I implement a personalized and multifaceted foundations approach to health which includes not only nutrition, but lifestyle and mental/emotional health strategies.

Health is not the absence of disease. Health is the ability to live your life with vibrancy and energy.
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